7 comments on “Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

  1. I love your receipe.. Everytime I am asked to prepare kadhi, I have your page saved to my favourites. Psss.. dont tell anyone, but I take credit for this receipe.. sorry.. My hubby once told his mom to step out of the kitchen bcoz “ishu aapse acchi kadhi banati hai..” you should have seen the look on her face.. I already have won the title of best roti maker in the house, everyone loves any dal I make (my mum’s receipe), and now your kadhi is taking a toll over my MIL’s mental health.. ha ha ha ha

  2. Hey!
    your blog is good! I am a beginner in this cookery world! but just as a correction may be you can remove this kadhi from Maharashtrian dish or I can send you the recipe for maharashtrian kadhi & you can update it may be if you want!
    Thanks a lot for this blog! it helped me when I started cooking!

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