12 comments on “Holi Special: Namkeen Karele [Savory snack]

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  2. namkeen was very hard for me to make.such a lovely recipe but too hard to get the right shape as good as yours .will try again .thanks for a great recipe.look forward to some morei interesting recipes
    thank you
    kamla nz

    • Hi Kamla,

      Yes, this needs little practice. Once you get a hang of it, it takes less time. But its worth the effort.
      keep following the blog and I’ll be getting more recipes to you.


  3. hi shveta,can this recipe be made into a sweeter version?please let me know .thankyou for your quick response to my last e-mail
    kamla nz

    • Yes, it is made into sweeter version too.and it is called as gojaaz.after deep frying it is dished out in sugar syrup.and it tastes amazingly delicious.try it out.

      • please email the recipe of the sweet version of this recipe .the amount of ingredients and the process of making
        thank you very much
        and a happy new year to you and your family

  4. wow nice to c karele.no bodyknows about namkeen karele , if i will try to tell them ..may be ur mom inlaw is from Bundelkhand aria :)..
    i love namkeen karela chat as well:)

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