13 comments on “Khaman Dhokla: A Gujrati speciality

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  2. Hello,
    I also used to make khaman with the help of eno, however never used citric acid. I think i should try this also and Garnishing dhokla with chopped cilantro in new to me…:)

    • Hope you like this dhokla recipe too! Yes, I like mine garnished with chopped cilantro.

      Have fun cooking!

  3. it’s to ezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy. i missed it verry long time. it’s my husband’s fav dish. now i will try 2moro’s brekfast……..

  4. Hi Shveta,

    Tried Khaman and Green chutney both today. Loved both of those. I think there is a typo in khaman recipe where it says citric acid instead of Baking Soda. Just thought to let you know. Thank you once again for posting such great tried and tested recipes. I always turn to your Blog for trying something new :))


    • Hi Richa,
      Great! you tried khaman and green chutney. Actually this is my mom’s recipe and she uses citric acid (Nimbu ke phool) or Eno fruit salt in her recipe. And she doesn’t use baking soda. And it comes out fine each time.
      But I’ll also try this recipe as you suggested. Thanks again for the positive feedback.


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