13 comments on “Simple and Healthy Recipes: Dal Makhani

  1. Thanks a lot Shveta for sharing all these yummy vegetarian recipes. A lot of recipes remind me of my childhood but didn’t know how to make them. i already tried some of ur recipes which came out really good….thanks again

  2. Question, Shveta. I don’t have a pressure cooker, and I am considering buying one. How much time would it save me if I did have a pressure cooker when cooking lentils? I usually will soak 3/4 cup of whole masoor dal for about 3 hours or overnight, then boil them for about 25 mins. How much time would this take with a pressure cooker?

  3. Wow Shveta good to know the exact proportions.I would always just go with an estimate.Now I can log in and go with the exact amounts.

  4. Thank you so much Shveta for doing this! It is so helpful to have the ingredients listed, the exact amounts used and have step by step instructions. As I did not grow up with these foods, it is difficult for me to do it by “feel”. I will log in each week and see what has been added!

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